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Recycled Timber

Recycled Timber

If you’re looking for a way to invite character and history into your project, then there is no greater choice than recycled timbers. We’ve partnered with Australia’s leading suppliers of salvaged timber to provide a sustainable solution for a wide variety of applications.


Sustainable Recycled Timber

Across the country, there are countless buildings which feature timber flooring, decking, framing – just to name a few elements. When these buildings are renovated or torn down, the timbers can be scrapped, or they can be salvaged! When this is done, the recycled timbers can be reused in other projects, bringing their rich history with them.


Recycled materials can be used for a wide range of uses across almost any project, and is often just as versatile as their new counterparts – depending on the species. Applications include everything from flooring to benchtops, cladding, decking and stairs.

Recycled Timber Suppliers

Peninsula Recycled Timber Eco-Friendly

We pride ourselves on our use of sustainably sourced materials at Everist Timber, and there is no timber that is more environmentally conscious than recycled! Using salvaged products assists in the conservation of forests and reduces carbon emissions through carbon storage. In repurposing timbers, your project can be beautiful and eco-friendly.

Recycled Timber Melbourne

Stunning Character

If you’re searching for a material that is rich in character and history, then you can be confident salvaged timber will be a feature piece within the space – regardless of how it is used. As it has previously been in use, the staining, oiling and weathering that has already occurred ensures that each board and beam tells a story.

Feature Pieces

Thanks to its character and beauty, we recommend using salvaged materials for feature pieces throughout the home. Exposed beams and recycled flooring, lining and cladding can be an excellent choice, as this allows the timber to be front and centre, creating an eye-catching finish that everyone will enjoy.

“We’re pretty fussy about the quality of timber we receive. Our clients demand quality and so do we. Everist Timber takes care with the material they stock to ensure we and other builders get the best available timber”
Luke Williams

Range of Species

Just as there is a wide selection of new timber species to choose from, renovations and torn-down buildings offer a variety of timbers too. From well-loved hardwoods like spotted gum and blackbutt, and even the incredibly rare Jarrah, to treated pine and even engineered flooring, using salvaged materials ensures each piece is unique.

Hand Selected

Rest assured the timbers that we stock – both new and recycled – have been hand selected by our team for their quality, appearance and strength. Your project will benefit from our experience and passion, ensuring you can be confident you’re choosing a recycled beam that still has longevity and durability, not just a stunning finish.

Recycled Timber


We supply recycled timber across Melbourne that has been removed and salvaged from sites across the country. This ensures our pre-loved loved materials are readily available – though if you’re searching for a particular species, you may need to be patient.

Recycled Timber Melbourne


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Everist Timber supplies an extensive range of recycled timber across many Melbourne areas, including: Berwick, Cranbourne, Flinders, Frankston, Mt Martha, Rosebud, Somerville, Mt Eliza, Red Hill, Sorrento, Hastings, Mornington Peninsula and Gippsland.