American Oak

American Oak

Valued for its stunning colour and impressive grain, American Oak brings character and style to any space. Imported from the eastern United States, its light tone and medium texture make it the perfect choice for flooring – offering a subtle finish that complements any architectural style.


Subtle yet Bold American Oak

Similar in colour and appearance to European Oak, its American counterpart is a common, commercially available timber sourced from the USA. Featuring a light colour and distinctive ring growths, it’s an excellent choice for all tastes and styles. Easy to work with and ideal for staining and polishing, we recommend using American Oak timber across Melbourne for indoor applications.


Thanks to its strength and stability, this timber is an excellent choice for interior flooring. If you’re looking to make a statement, consider our pre-cut timber floorboards. We offer sizes from standard through to 230mm – an extra-wide board that is subtle yet bold, the perfect choice for Hamptons style homes.

American Oak Timber

American Oak Timber Features

Light in tone, American Oak timber features a straight grain and medium texture, with distinctive ring growths that offer the traditional timber appearance. Loved for its colour, it ranges from pale yellow and light gold to mid brown hues. We recommend simply oiling the timber to highlight its natural colours – though it can also be stained or polished, depending on the finish you’re hoping to achieve.

American Oak Timber Suppliers

Ease of Workability

A hard and heavy wood, American Oak is surprisingly easy to work with, offering a low stiffness and medium crushing and bending strength. Ease to machine, nail, glue, screw and stain, it is an excellent timber for all users. Whether you’re investing in seasoned or unseasoned hardwood, we can recommend the best methods to complete your project.

Strength and Durability

American Oak timber has a relatively short lifespan when used below ground and outdoors – we recommend using this timber for interior applications such as flooring. Susceptible to lyctid borers and termites, it is important that you take proper precautions when treating the timber to ensure it stands the test of time.

“Just writing to say I have been refurbishing my outdoor area over the last 12 months and found the staff and service first class. Always friendly and the products first rate and easy to find. Also, the support of local clubs in the area goes a long way to keep me coming back...keep it up”
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Drying and Shrinkage

The shrinkage rate of American Oak timber is comparatively low – sitting at 6.6% tangential shrinkage and 3.2% radial shrinkage. As a result, you can rest assured the end result won’t be as affected by the changing of the seasons as other timbers may have been.

Fire Prone Areas

For homes in bushfire prone areas, using timber in their construction may be considered off-limits. However, by carefully selecting the hardwood that you use, you can take advantage of a stunning and safe finish. American Oak is rated between BAL 12.5 to 19, meaning it can be used where there is a risk of ember attacks and a low risk of exposure to radiant heat.

American Oak Timber Melbourne


Grown in the eastern coast of North America, this is a readily available choice for every build. We regularly stock or source this timber in a range of floorboard widths to ensure you can complete your project without delay.



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