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  • Koala deckfast self drilling screws
  • Protect-a-deck for joist and bearers
  • Cutek CD50 Decking oil
  • Anchormark self drilling screws
  • Cutek deck cleaners
  • Fischer deck screws
  • Square drive deck screws
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Decking Hardware

You can regularly stock up on all of those essential building supplies at our store, when ordering your decking timber.

Why choose Decking Hardware?

- Protecta deck available in 45 and 90mm

- Decking Oil, Washaway Deck Cleaner

- Fixings, available in stainless steel, chemshield and galvanised steel

Features of Decking Hardware

It's important that you take care of your deck.  Protecta deck provides crucial protection for the bearers and joists under your deck.  Decking oil is available in a range of pigments and finishes. It will protect your deck from moisture absorption and the harsh Aussie elements. 

Make a feature of your deck fixings.  We recommend stainless steel screws for a fresh, sharp finish.