F17 LVL Frame Timber

F17 LVL Smart Frame Timber

Whether you’re building a home, office, or public space, quality framing is critical. Our range of F17 LVL Smartframe is the ideal choice all applications – lightweight and easy to use, you can be confident it will stand the test of time.


What is F17 LVL Smartframe?

Engineered for high performance, LVL Smartframe is the ideal framing choice for those in the construction industry. One of the strongest Laminated Veneer Lumbers (LVL’s) on the market, this framing timber is used in homes and other buildings across the country.

Why choose F17 Laminated Timber Beams in Melbourne?
  • High strength to weight ratio for maximum loads
  • Light weight and always straight
  • Termite treated as a standard feature for your peace of mind
  • Installation process is fast, easy and efficient
  • Available in a wide range of sizes and lengths
LVL Beams - LVL Timber
“The work we do is architect designed so a lot of the material specified is a bit different from the standard stock. Everist is great at sourcing that type of thing and helping out with any info that we need. Everist Timber has a super quick turnaround time, the service is spot on and it’s something we’ve come to rely on”
Luke Williams

Perfect for a range of applications

Smartframe has been designed with a number of applications in mind – including rafters, floor joists, lintels, framing and roof trusses. It is the ideal choice for residential and commercial building applications, and is also available with H3 exterior treatment, ensuring it can be used for outdoor use.

Laminated Timber

Offers maximum strength for framing projects

Smartframe LVL timber products have been engineered with high strength, dimensional stability, great load carrying capacity and are manufactured from top quality timber. Though laminated timber beams are a lightweight alternative to hardwood species, they offer consistent straight lengths and easy installation processes.


Wide range of sizes available

Everist timber supplies Smartframe LVL timber in a wide range of sizes to ensure you have everything needed for your next project: available in sizes from 90mm to 400mm by 35mm to 75mm, and in lengths up to 12 meters.

laminated timber beams


Can F17 LVL beams be used in fire-prone areas?
Is F17 LVL Smartframe eco-friendly?

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