• Cypress pine
    Cypress pine.
  • Cypress pine timber
    Cypress pine.
  • Cypress pine timber Melbourne
    Cypress pine.
  • Cypress pine bollard
    Cypress pine bollard.
  • Cypress pine timber
    Cypress pine.
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This is a highly durable Australian softwood timber species that is found throughout Eastern Australia.

Why choose Cypress?

- Its heartwood is resistant to termites

- Harvested according to AFS standards from sustainably managed forests

- Has a 40 year life expectancy for above ground use and 25 year life expectancy for in ground


Features of Cypress

Cypress features a creamy-white band of sapwood that hides the heartwood, which ranges in colour from light yellow through to orange and light brown (with occasional dark brown streaks).

The grain is generally straight with a fine and even texture. The presence of tight grain knots is also a distinctive feature.


  • Stumps for subfloor construction
  • Decking, pergolas, post and rail fencing
  • Indoor and outdoor furniture, joinery and linings
  • Landscaping (such as sleepers, bollards, edging and playgrounds)