Cypress Timber

Cypress Timber

Cypress is a durable Australian softwood that is known for its distinctive knots and different coloured sapwood and heartwood – making it an excellent choice for a range of structural applications.


Cypress for Appearance and Performance

Found throughout Victoria, western New South Wales and central western Queensland, Cypress timber is a durable Australian softwood species that is well suited to a range of interior and exterior applications. Featuring an attractive creamy-white band of sapwood that hides the heartwood, which ranges in colour from light yellow through to orange and light brown, it can be a stunning choice for any project.

Things to consider when purchasing Cypress
  • Though cypress is a softwood, it is still hard and durable, making it an ideal choice for outdoor applications as well as indoor use
  • With an attractive finish, it offers an attractive finish when used for exposed faces.
  • We hand-select our timbers for their appearance and performance – ensuring you can take advantage of high-quality cypress across your entire project for maximum peace of mind
  • Ensure you're purchasing White Cypress and not Macrocarpa Cypress. Macrocarpa is not a durable option
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Incredibly Durable both Above and Below Ground

With a lifespan of up to 40 years for above ground use and up to 25 years for inground applications, you can be confident that Cypress will stand the test of time. Not only that, this timber is naturally resistant to termites and can be machined and turned to a smooth finish – making it durable, attractive, and easy to work with!

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Wide Range of Applications

Thanks to its impressive durability and high-performance, cypress is an excellent choice for a range of applications – including stumps for subfloor construction, decking, pergolas and fencing, indoor and outdoor furniture and joinery, and even landscaping projects such as sleepers, garden edging and playgrounds!


Attractive Finish

In addition to the stunning colours on offer, cypress offers an attractive pattern too. The grain is generally straight with a fine and even texture. The presence of tight grain knots is also a distinctive feature. It readily accepts most coatings – including stains, paints and oils – so you can be confident the timber will complement its environment with ease.

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How do I know if cypress is suited to my application?
Has your cypress been sustainably sourced?

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