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  • F17 Solid Hardwood Timber
    F17 KD Hardwood.
  • Solid Hardwood Timber
    F17 KD Hardwood.
  • F17 KD Hardwood Timber
    F17 KD Hardwood.
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F17 Hardwood

We supply F17 solid hardwood timber that has already been seasoned and kiln dried for your convenience.

Why choose F17 Hardwood?

- It is extremely strong, durable, will remain stable and will not warp, swell or flake

- It has a consistent and attractive appearance

- Logged in accordance with all Australian forestry standards (eco friendly)


Features of Hardwood

Locally milled throughout Victoria, F17 kiln dried hardwood are perfect for many framing, lintel and external applications. 

As a hardwood, it is more durable and hardwearing than a softwood such as pine. It's structural rating means it has the strength to withstand rough treatment.


  • Framing, floor bearers and joists
  • High quality furniture and joinery
  • Decking, flooring and construction
  • Boat building and construction
  • Used for Lintels
  • Stair treads
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