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For a stunning softwood that stands out from the crowd, there is no greater choice than Cedar. Incredibly versatile, this timber offers a natural warmth that ensures it is ideally suited to a range of internal and external applications, and ensuring it is well loved by both architects and landscapers.


Versatile and Attractive Cedar

Grown throughout western North America – and in particular British Colombia – Cedar timber has always been an incredibly popular choice for cladding and other aesthetic applications. Honey brown in appearance, with it offers excellent performance capabilities for a number of purposes, and is strong, durable and easy to work with. An excellent choice for your next project.


Known for its versatility, Cedar is an excellent choice for both interior and exterior applications. Cladding and linings, joinery, windows doors and even roofing shingles are among it’s many uses. Durable and insect resistant, it can be used in all weather conditions, whilst its low density provides excellent insulation properties!

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Cedar Timber Features

Loved for its rich, earthy tones, Cedar timber offers an incredibly aesthetically pleasing appearance. From honeys to pale browns, and even rich dark browns, its hue ensures the species will warm the space, wherever it’s used. It also features a fine texture and straight grain, creating a cohesive appearance throughout your application.

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Durable yet soft, Cedar is incredibly easy to work with. From cutting, machining, nailing or screwing, the results are continuously positive. It also takes well to paints, stains and polishes, ensuring you can easily match the timber to other species found throughout the space. However, the sawdust can cause irritation for some people, so we recommend taking precautions whilst sanding.

Strength and Durability

Though not a hardwood, Cedar species still offers impressive strength and durability. With a below ground lifespan of up to 15 years, and an above ground lifespan of up to 40 years, it is ideally suited to cladding and panelling projects where it will easily stand the test of time. TAs a result, it is incredibly popular across a number of industries.

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Shrinkage and Drying

Our Cedar remains dimensionally stable under most weather conditions – ensuring shrinking or swelling aren’t of concern. Indeed, whilst most timbers feature a tangential shrink rate of between 3 to 12% and a radial rate of 3 to 5%, Cedar offers rates of 2.3% and 1.1% respectfully.

Fire Prone Areas

For projects completed in fire prone areas, it’s important that attention is paid to the materials used throughout the build. Cedar is rated as slightly combustible and has not been tested for bushfire resistance – speak with our team to ensure it’s the right choice for your application.

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Grown in western North America, primarily British Columbia in Canada, Cedar is a commonly used timber around the world. To ensure our customers can access this species, significant quantities are imported into the country frequently – readily available, it’s the ideal choice for your project.

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