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Victorian Ash

Victorian Ash

Loved for its durability and incredible resilience, Victorian Ash adds warmth to any space. With pale blonde and honey tones, it’s both cost effective and readily available – and is one of the most common timbers in the state for a wide range of projects.


Popular and Classic Victorian Ash

A luxurious Australian hardwood, Victorian Ash timber is very similar to Tasmanian Oak. Incredibly versatile, they are both used for a wide range of projects, including flooring, architraves and other internal applications. Grown throughout Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales, we supply Victorian Ash boards in quarter-cut logs – offering excellent dimensional stability.


Thanks to its versatility, Victorian Ash timber is an excellent choice for a wide range of applications. From framing to flooring, it offers a consistent colour that has seen its popularity soar for a variety of interior projects. In addition to flooring, it’s perfect for panelling, mouldings, staircases, balustrades and furniture – to name a few.

Victorian Ash Timber

Victorian Ash Timber Features

With a warmth that fills any space, Victorian Ash is loved for its pale pink and golden hues. With a moderately course texture and straight grain, its light, creamy colours are ideal for interior applications. Interesting waves and gum veins are also common, ensuring your finished project will be as unique as it is attractive.

Victorian Ash Timber Suppliers


Strong and stable, Victorian Oak is an excellent choice for all-round workability. Whether you’re looking for a timber that sands and planes well, or you’re looking for a hardwood that finishes or glues easily, then this is the perfect choice. It takes well to staining, colours and oiling, so it can be effortlessly matched to other timbers throughout your home.

Strength and Durability

Offering moderate strength, you can be confident your Victorian Oak timber is the ideal choice for interior use – thanks to its above ground lifespan of up to 15 years, it is perfectly suited to applications such as flooring and furniture. Featuring natural lyctid borer resistance, you can be confident your hardwood will stand the test of time.

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Drying and Shrinkage

With a very high shrinkage rate, we recommend investing in pre-dried Victorian Ash to ensure there is no shrinking and cracking once your project is complete. Whilst tangential rates are usually between 3 to 12% and radial rates are between 3 and 5%, Victorian Ash offers shrinkage rates of 8.5 and 5.2% respectively.

Fire Prone Areas

Whilst many love the look and feel of hardwood, the threat of a bushfire is makes them rethink whether timber is the best building material for their project. Unfortunately, Victorian Ash has not been tested for bushfire resistance, so we recommend only using it for interior applications in certain areas.

Victorian Ash Timber Melbourne


Victorian Ash is widely available across Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. As a fast-growing timber, it’s an ideal choice for plantations, and ensures the cost of the timber itself is lower than that of its counterparts – making it an excellent option for those looking to achieve the appearance of hardwood timber without sacrificing their budget.



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