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    90x45 MGP10 framing pine.
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    Framing pine MGP10.
  • framing pine timber
    Framing pine MGP10.
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Framing Pine

We offer both treated and untreated framing pine that comes only from renewable resources.

Why choose Framing Pine?

- Cost effective

- Lightweight, easy to handle

- Available in MGP10/12

- Sourced from renewable plantation timber

Features of Framing Pine

After a high tech manufacturing process, every piece of frame is mechanically graded and checked to ensure that its meets the design properties and characteristics for its designated grade.

The frame is planer gauged after high temperature kiln drying to ensure consistent size and easy handling for builders once the timber reaches your site.


  • Commonly used in wall framing and roof trusses
  • Battening and temporary framing
  • Structural use in residential and commercial building applications

“It was critical for all the timbers to be clean and straight, and you assured me the timbers would be hand selected and you had the care to ensure we received what we needed. And you did, and we were thrilled with the result”

David Coxhill, DC Constructions

“Most importantly the artist commented that this was the best installation she had overseen,and you and Everist Timber played an important part in the delivery of all this.So many thanks”

David Coxhill, DC Constructions
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