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For one of the most popular timber species of all time, look no further than the stunning Merbau. Though it has long been loved across Australia, this visually stunning and incredibly durable and versatile timber is actually a South East Asian Hardwood!


Tropical and Popular Merbau

Sourced from South East Asia, the Merbau species can grow up to 40 meters high and featuring a spreading canopy. With a high degree of natural durability, it is an excellent timber for construction, and is often used as a feature timber in backyards thanks to its stunning finish and colouring.


Strong, durable and attractive, Merbau timber can be used for a wide range of applications, from construction and engineering, indoors and out. Common uses include outdoor furniture, joinery, flooring, decking, and in pergolas and patios. However, its incredible versatility ensures its applications are almost endless!

Merbau Timber Suppliers

Merbau Timber Melbourne Features

In addition to its natural strength, Merbau is known for its attractive red tones, which continue to deepen with age into a distinctive deep hue. The timber itself takes well to paint, oils, stains and polishes, allowing you the ability to enhance its natural colours and ensure it’s the perfect complement to the existing space and personal taste.


Merbau timber takes well to stains, paints and polishes, though can sometimes be affected by gum bleed-through, which is worth being aware of. It’s also relatively easy to work with hand tools, making it a great choice where onsite alterations are necessary. We recommend pre-boring the hardwood, as it may split, though it does hold fastenings with ease.

Strength and Durability

If you need a timber that can withstand the test of time, then Merbau is the perfect choice. Following treatment, you can be confident your timber will be impervious to termites, lyctid borers, rotting and shrinking, and even our harsh Australian climate. Not only that, it will last up to 15 years in ground, and well over 40 years when used for above ground applications!

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Drying and Shrinkage

As we mentioned above, Merbau has a minimal shrinkage rate once treated. Whilst most timbers have a radial shrinkage range between 3 to 5%, Merbau sits at 2.5%; and while the average tangential shrinkage rate can vary between 3 to 12%, Merbau is incredibly low at only 1.2%! This means you don’t need to be concerned that the timber will warp or shrink out of place.

Fire Prone Areas

Whilst many love the look and feel of natural hardwoods, the threat of a bushfire may make them re-think whether timber is a safe choice. However, our Merbau is rated between BAL 12.5 to 29, meaning it can withstand ember attacks and exposure to radiant heat – an excellent choice for fire prone areas.


Merbau timber grows across South East Asia, the Philippines, Solomon Islands, and a number of other countries within that region – and even in some parts of Far North Queensland. Whilst we import our Merbau from overseas, you can rest assured that it will be readily available for your project!



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