With a reputation for being one of Australia’s most durable and versatile timbers, it comes as no surprise that Jarrah is an excellent choice for both structural and design applications, indoors and out. Loved for its rich red hue and wavy grain pattern, it makes a unique feature within architectural builds.


Stunning and Rare Jarrah

Found across the southern corner of Western Australia, Jarrah is a slow growing, yet incredibly large, tall and strong timber. This hardwood has become one of the most sought-after timbers across the country, thanks to its high resistance to weather, rot, termites and fire resistance. As a result, it is often used in both construction and architectural applications.


Thanks to is strength and versatility, builders, landscapers and more use Jarrah Timber across Melbourne for a wide range of projects – it is favoured for outdoor applications in particular, as it is much more impervious to our harsh Australian conditions than many other timbers. Jarrah is often the timber of choice for flooring and decking across the country.

Jarrah Timber

Jarrah Features

Grown in Western Australia, Jarrah Timber reflects the colours of its landscape. Its rich heartwood varies from rich reds to deep browns, with an even textured grain – though a wavy grain pattern creates an attractive fliddle-back figure. This makes it the perfect choice for architectural and design applications, as it becomes the focal point of the project.

Jarrah Timber Suppliers Melbourne

Ease of Workability

We’ve found Jarrah is easiest to work with whilst still green. Once seasoned, it can still be worked with relative ease, as long as sharp tools are used. Despite its density, it can also be machined and turned easily. However, though it takes well to glue, care must be taken during nailing. It also accepts stains, paints and polishes nicely.

Strength and Durability

Incredibly dense and durable, Jarrah is the ideal choice for projects where the strength of the timber is critical. With an inground lifespan of up to 25 years, and an above ground lifespan of up to 40, you can be confident it will stand the test of time.

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Drying and Shrinkage

Jarrah Timber features a better than average shrinkage rate of 7.5% tangential and 5.0% radial rate which can reduce the amount of gabs and cracks that form within your finished structure. After reconditioning, these rates drop by 0.8% and 0.4% respectively.

Fire Prone Areas

Many people are drawn to the look and feel of natural hardwoods yet are concerned that it can’t be used within their homes due to the threat of a bushfire. However, Jarrah has a BAL rating of between BAL 12.5 to 19, and even BAL 29 when non-combustible cladding and subfloors are in use! This means it can be a great choice, even for those in fire prone areas.


Jarrah is grown in native forests, many of which are now reserved, and there is little to no timber currently grown in commercial plantations. This means there is a limited supply of Jarrah available at any given time. We only stock ethically sourced timber, so we are able to order Jarrah in on special request. Reach out to our team today if you’re interested in using Jarrah in your next project.



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