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  • Merbau decking
    Merbau decking 140x19.
  • Merbau decking Melbourne
    Merbau decking 140x19.
  • Merbau timber
    Merbau decking 140mm
  • Merbau timber decking
    Merbau decking 70mm
  • Merbau decking 90mm
    Merbau decking 90mm
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Merbau timber is a highly versatile product with a grain that is usually wavy or interlocked and a coarse, but even, texture.

Why choose Merbau Timber?

- High degree of natural durability and strength

- Rich, even colour ranging from dark red brown to lighter yellow brown

- Available in 70, 90, 140 x 19mm

- Class 2 above ground durability

- Legally and sustainably logged in accordance with chain of custody requirements

- Naturally termite resistant

Features of Merbau

Merbau timber can be oiled or left to weather naturally. It has been used extensively in Australia for decades and is now trusted as a proven, reliable material, perfect for decking screening.

Merbau decking is one of the most popular choices out there and is available in structured lengths from 1.8 to 3.9 in 300mm increments, (some longer lengths available.) Which makes it ideal for screening jobs so you don’t have to allow for wastage.