Cutek decking oils and cleaners

decking oils and cleaners



Choose CUTEK CD50 if you want to protect your wood from the common problems of warping, cupping, splitting and water damage, while maintaining the beauty and unique characteristics of your chosen timber.

Choose CUTEK EXTREME if you want the protection of CUTEK CD50 but you require more extreme protection because you are applying it to an engineered bamboo, thermally modified wood, or because you will be applying it to timber exposed in challenging environments like the tropics.

Choose CUTEK LOW VOC if you want the protection properties of CUTEK CD50 but are applying it to interior timbers or on a project requiring environmentally sustainability credentials.


Choose CUTEK PROCLEAN if your timber has signs of significant weathering/silvering, or if it has stubborn marks caused by tannin, water, iron or heavy foot traffic.

Choose CUTEK CD33 if there is a previous polymer film forming surface coating on your timber such as paint, previous wood treatments, non CUTEK oils etc.

Choose CUTEK QUICKCLEAN if your timber was previously coated with CUTEK and just need a basic clean to remove excess dirt and grime.


Cutek Colourtones. Keep that freshly oiled look longer and delay silvering- add a colourtone. See Colourtone blog here.