Cutek colourtones

IMPORTANT: Timber that is coated with a clear Cutek wood protection oil will gradually silver over time on exposure to sunlight, while remaining dimensionally stable. If this natural silvering of the surface is undesirable, then a colourtone must be added to delay the silvering process and enhance the natural character and colour of the timber. Colourtoned Cutek oils can still look like a clear finish, depending on the colourtone selected.

NOTE: The amount of colour build achieved will vary depending on the original colour and roughness of the timber surface. Very smooth boards will not hold as much colour as rough-sawn, so will be a lighter shade. Light timbers coated with a dark colourtone may not look as dark as the swatches below.

Colourtones are provided as concentrates in small tins which are added by the customer to a tin of clear Cutek wood protection oil.


One 250ml colourtone pot is suitable for use in 10 litres of clear Cutek oil, two 250ml pots are suitable for use in 20 litres of clear Cutek oil. Colourtone for 4 litres are also provided in 250ml pots, marked for use with 4 litres of oil. Stir well after adding colourtone and during use. Additional colour depth can be obtained by adding up to a maximum of three colourtone pots to one unit of Cutek oil. Refer to the relevant factsheet (Cutek CD50, Cutek Extreme or Cutek LowVOC) for complete application information.


Protect adjacent areas. Use safety equipment as specified in the Safety Data Sheet available for download at www. Apply the colourtoned Cutek wood protection oil with two thin even coats along the direction of the boards, using a brush, paint pad, fabric mop or lambswool applicator. Spraying is not recommended, except in a factory pre-coat situation where overspray is collected and reused. IMPORTANT: Stir the tin frequently during use. Two coats are necessary — the first coat may look patchy and uneven when it dries, but a second coat applied after the first is completely dry (up to 72 hours) will leave a beautiful even matt finish through which the grain of the wood is still visible. Three coats will provide a longer lasting and deeper colour.

 Maintenance Timeframe

Colourtones provide additional UV protection which keeps the natural colour of the timber longer than a clear coat, but designed to fade over time. The time this takes depends on the level of exposure to sun, aspect, species, rain and foot traffic, and other environmental conditions. Recoat as frequently as necessary.

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