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Pre Primed Baltic Pine

For the budget conscious, we have Baltic Pine weatherboards in round and square edge.

Why choose Baltic Pine?

- Pre primed and ready to paint

- Easily worked by hand or with machine tools

- Lightweight, easy to handle

- Readily available

- Available in 175 and 225mm boards


We have found western red cedar to be a tried and true material when it comes to weatherboards.

Why choose Cedar?

- Lightweight, easy to work with, stable, durable and long lasting

- Varies in colour from light reds to light browns

- Can be stained or painted as desired

- Dimensionally stable under most weather conditions

- Available in 200mm rough sawn square edged weatherboards

Features of Weatherboards

Timber is a classic choice for weatherboards. It is installed by hanging planks horizontally to suit the requirements of the project.

Weatherboards are very versatile; they can be used to create many different styles of home, from rustic (left in their natural state) to modern (application of stain or paint).