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  • Premium ACQ treated pine decking
    Premium ACQ treated pine decking (clear)
  • treated pine decking Melbourne
    Premium ACQ treated pine decking (clear)
  • Treated pine decking
    Premium ACQ treated pine decking (clear)
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Treated Pine

The preservative treatment of treated pine has made it perfect for use in decking, as it will resist fungal and termite attack.

Why choose Treated Pine?

- Decay and termite resistant

- Logged in accordance with all Australian forestry standards (eco friendly)

- Very durable in the face of element exposure

- Cost effective

- Lightweight, easy to handle

- Available in set lengths

- Available in 70, 90 x 22

- Available in CCA or ACQ treatments

- Can be used for screening as well as decking

Features of Treated Pine

Treated pine is a reliable, lightweight and cost effective decking material. Its colour is generally green which will eventually turn a silver grey if left to weather naturally. Alternatively it can be stained and oiled a variety of colors.

At Everist Timber, we stock a clear grade premium treated pine deck which is far superior to knotty grade.