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  • Tas oak/Vic Ash Flooring
    Tas Oak/Vic Ash Flooring 108x19.
  • Tasmanian Oak/Victoria Ash
    Tas Oak/Vic Ash Flooring.
  • Tasmanian Oak/Victoria Ash Melbourne
    Tas Oak/Vic Ash Flooring.
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Tas Oak/Vic Ash

When compared to spotted gum and ironbark, this is a slightly softer hardwood but is by no means less durable.

Why choose Tasmanian Oak/Victoria Ash?

- Available in sizes: 85, 108, 130, 180 x 14/19mm

- Its colour ranges varies from pale blondes to honey browns with pink undertones

- Cost effective

- Readily available

- It planes, sands, finishes and glues well

- Logged in accordance with all Australian forestry standards (eco friendly)

Features of Tas Oak/Vic Ash

This timber usually has a straight grain (however, it can produce fiddleback markings and have visible gum veins) and it has a coarse texture.

To ensure that good quality boards are produced, the logs are quarter-cut. This provides excellent dimensional stability.