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  • Spotted gum decking
    Spottedgum 135x19
  • Spotted gum decking Melbourne
    Spottedgum 135x19
  • Spotted gum timber decking
    Spottedgum 135x19
  • Spotted gum decking
    Spottedgum 135x19
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Spotted Gum

The natural durability and strength of Spotted Gum timber make it ideal for decking, as it will withstand years of use.

Why choose Spotted Gum?

- High degree of natural durability and strength

- Available in 65, 86, 135 x 19/32mm

- Fire resistant timber, appropriate for use in most bushfire prone areas

- Beautiful range of colours varying from light coffee to rich chocolate browns with pink and grey tones

- Logged in accordance with Australian Forestry Standards

- Class 1 above ground durability

- Can be used for screening as well as decking

Features of Spotted Gum

Spotted Gum is one of the most popular Australian species. It can be oiled to bring out its beautiful colour range or left to weather naturally. Its durability makes it a functional hardwearing deck.