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  • sheet flooring Melbourne
    All purpose orange tongue flooring 3600x900x19.
  • sheet flooring
    All purpose orange tongue flooring 3600x900x19.
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Sheet Flooring

Used as a flooring base for all bearer and joist subfloors. Orange Tongue sheet flooring is readily available and easy to install. 

Why choose Sheet Flooring?

- All purpose orange tongue flooring 3600x900x19mm sheets

- Ply tongue grooving flooring 2400x1200x15mm sheets

- Improves the thermal comfort of your home

- Cost effective

- Available in H2 termite resistant treatment

- All purpose flooring available in 22 and 25mm

- Ply flooring also available in 17 and 19mm

Features of Sheet Flooring

Sheet flooring is designed to be played over a bearer and joist subfloor.  It is then usually covered with another flooring such as solid timber.  

Available in General purpose chipboard flooring by D&R Henderson or radiate pine ply.  Tongue and grooved for easy and quick installation.