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  • Fibre cement cladding Melbourne
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Fibre Cement

We are proud suppliers fibre cement panel products by CSR Cemintel, James Hardie and BGC.

Why choose Fibre Cement?

- Available in a wide range of styles (from traditional weatherboard to sleek modern feature panels)

- Suitable for bushfire prone areas

- Completely maintenance free

- Improves thermal efficiency of the home

Features of Fibre Cement

Fibre cement panels are a mixture of cellulose fibre (from plantation grown pine trees), cement, sand and water. Small amounts of chemical additives are also used to help the process along or provide the panels with certain characteristics.

Fibre cement cladding will not burn, is resistant to permanent water and termite damage, and is resistant to rotting and warping.

We supply the top choices in architectural fibre cement cladding and facade systems:

  • CSR Cemintel and Express Panel range
  • James Hardie, Scyon and Axon range
  • BGC, Nuline range