York Street Silvertop ash Cladding

Direct Force, Prahran Development on York Street

Want to see what 5650 lineal metres of Silvertop ash 122 x 19 shiplap looks like?

This re development of 1-3 York Street, Prahran by Direct Force will give you a fair idea. Horizontally run silvertop ash 122 x 19 shiplap pre-oiled here at Everist Timber before delivery makes a statement that is hard to miss.

This stunning of group new apartments on the edge of the CBD is a perfect example of how to clad a structure with timber. It really shows off the impact that timber cladding can have against the coble stone, red brick and concrete of the inner suburbs.

As well as the cladding, 4450 lineal metres of 90 x 22 Silvertop ash decking disappeared into this structure. Putting timber under the feet of the residents as they enjoy their alfresco areas on summer days.

Once again it was all pre-coated in Cutek in our yard which saves the builders time and space on site, not to mention our machine will get a better coat on the timber then you can achieve with a roller or brush.

Contact us for more information on cladding or getting you next timber order pre-oiled.