RHTP LOSP Treated Pine Cut Ends

Rougher Header LOSP Treated Pine is usually machined to the required lengths and shapes before the treatment is applied. As a result of this less pressure is used in the treatment process and a little less penetration of solution is achieved. This does not affect the longevity of the timber, however it means that LOSP timber must not go in ground and if the timber is cut the cut ends must be resealed with a suitable sealant.

The warranty will only apply if the product (including cut ends exposed to the weather) has been painted within a month of the date of supply and is well maintained with a suitable outdoor acrylic paint or stain. If the structure is built unpainted with the intention of painting within one month of completion, then cut ends must be re treated with a suitable product such as Tanalised "EnSeal Clear" or "EcoSeal" Wood Preservatives before construction commences.