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Osmo frequently asked questions

Can I stain my wooden flooring in a different colour?

Yes, with Osmo Polyx®-Oil Tints or Wood Wax Finish. The wood finish should be applied according to the product information along the wood grain. Allow flooring to dry with good ventilation for 24 hours and then apply one thin coat of Polyx®-Oil as a top coat.

What happens if part of the wood surface is damaged?

Unlike many traditional lacquers, damaged areas on floors treated with Osmo products can be sanded and retreated with the same products without any visible transitions.

What happens if I have applied too much product when treating a floor?

If you have applied too much Polyx®-Oil, the drying time will be extended considerably. If this happens, provide additional ventilation by opening windows and doors so that the product can dry through natural oxidation. If damage occurs to the surface as a result, repair the surface as described above.

What happens if I have applied too little product when treating a floor?

If you have applied too little product, water spots may appear and the wood may dry out or appear dull. In such cases, please apply another thin coat of Osmo Polyx®-Oil.

Why does the wood finish look different to the colour tone on the can?

Depending on the wood species they are applied on, finishes can appear differently in colour tone. This colour tone does not always match the sticker on the can. We recommend applying the finish to a small sample area, which cannot be seen later, to check if the resulting colour is the one you want before starting work on the complete area.