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How to apply Cutek pre-coat oil correctly

Spring time is decking time! In order to get the best performance out your Australian hardwood decking, we recommend that it’s pre-coated with a protective penetrating oil. One of the best on the market is CUTEK® Extreme CD50. It's super easy to apply and will help your timber maintain stability. Here’s some handy hints to get you started.

If you’re applying CUTEK® over new timber:

  • Make sure the timber is clean and dry
  • Try to time the application with the weather. Ideally we want 4-5 clear, sunny days.
  • Apply thin rather than thick coats. The oil penetrates the timber more effectively. We can machine coat the first coat for you here. It’s very convenient as the timber comes to you ready to lay.
  • Once the first coat is dry, you can apply the second coat.
  • Repeat the process for a third coat. CUTEK® recommends that you apply 3 coats.
  • If you’ve got left over oil from a coat, don’t pour it back into the tin. Dirt and debris can contaminate fresh oil.
apply Cutek pre-coat oil

CUTEK® have a great range of colourtones that provide longer colour retention. If you’re using one make sure its mixed and stirred frequently during the application process. You’ll know when your timber is fully sealed. Water should bead and pool on the surface. If it looks dry or has little cracks and splits, apply another coat.

If you’re applying CUTEK® over existing timber:

  • Give the deck a once over with CUTEK® Restore. If it’s really old and dirty, or it has another coating over it, you may need to use CUTEK® Wood Stripper.
  • Follow the same steps for new timber application.

If you’ve got any questions speak to our team. Enjoy your deck!