Foilboard Insulation

What is foilboard?

Foilboard® is a rigid insulation panel that is installed within existing cavities to ensure the building stays cooler in summer and warmer in winter made by applying pure aluminum to both sides of an FR-EPS Core. One side is coated with a specially formulated ink to create an anti-glare finish that does not inhibit the reflective performance of Foilboard®

How does it work?

Foilboard uses its aluminum surfaces to reflect both heat & cold energy sources. This means that in summer the heat on the outer side of Foilboard is reflected off the building, whilst also reflecting the cooler energy back inside. In winter the cold is reflected off the external side whilst the heat is reflected back into the room.

Foilboard is able to achieve this by creating a thermal-break with low thermal conductivity - it slows / stops the transfer of heat or cold, preventing the flow of energy (hot or cold) between the two different sides of the panel.

The system is also aided by using the still (unventilated) air spaces adjacent to the Foilboard surfaces, transforming the naturally still air next to Foilboard into a reflective air space. This dramatically increases the R-value of the air gap

Where can Foilboard be used?

Foilboard can be used almost anywhere from walls, floors or ceilings within any residential and commercial project, it is even widely used to insulate sheds and factories. There are endless possibilities to where foilboard can be used to insulate.

How does Foilboard Green compare to traditional wrap & batts?

Foilboard Green Insulation Panel eliminates the need for the supply and installation of two separate products at different stages of construction. It also speeds up the construction process by getting you up to lock up stage much sooner. The most important benefit of the Foilboard Green range is that it provides a true thermal break around a building whilst also giving equal and greater R Values compared with labor intensive batts & wrap.

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