Deck Care and Fixing Recommendations

Australian Hardwood Decking checklist

Everist Timber is committed to providing our customers with the highest quality Australian hardwood decking. To ensure that your decking remains in the best condition for as long  as possible we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the following information.

1. Timber decking is a natural “living” product.  It has the ability to take up or lose moisture depending upon it’s place of installation and ambient conditions. (hot, damp, dry)  As a result it moves, expanding and contracting with the weather to suit environmental conditions.  You must always bear this important fact in mind when deciding how to handle, store or install timber.

2. Allow sufficient space between boards.  We recommend a 5mm gap between boards.  It is acceptable to go slightly narrower ie 4mm for 65mm boards and slightly wider for 130-140mm boards ie 5-6mm.

3. Use self-drilling decking screws.  The holding power of decking screws is far superior to nails.  We recommend using 60-65mm screws when fixing into Treated Pine joist and 50mm when fixing into hardwood. 2 screws should be spaced at 450mm centres. Board ends should be predrilled to avoid splitting.

4. Protect your subfloor.  We recommend using Protecta Deck - it fits neatly over your bearers and joists, and contracts back around your screws. It is hugely beneficial in keeping moisutre out of your subfloor.

5. Pre-oil your deck.  Pre-oiling of the whole board (top, bottom, ends and sides) slows down the process of moisture absorption and release and is particularly effective in reducing moisture absorption from underneath the deck.

6. Ventilation.  Sufficient ventilation between deck and ground level helps in reducing moisture absorption from below.  Lack of ventilation usually only causes problems if there is little space between deck and ground level.

7. Be aware of Australian standards.  Australian hardwood decking is seasoned with a moisture content of 10-18% and graded to one face only. (Australian Standard 2796) Check your timber upon delivery.  It is important that timber is checked as soon as it is received and that any inconsistencies with the order or concerns as to the quality are communicated to Everist Timber immediately.  Once delivery has been made it is the customers responsibility to ensure it remains in the condition in which it was delivered.