Weathertex Weathergroove 150 Smooth

Nathan Taplin
Posted in Cladding - Jun 23, 2016

Weathertex Weathergroove 150 Smooth

Weathergroove is the largest panel product available on the Australian market. This vertically grooved cladding is ideal for covering large areas in a short time. It is environmentally friendly, versatile and possibilities are endless, as it can be painted with any exterior grade acrylic or solvent based paint of your choice - not to mention, it's easy to install. 

Weathergroove Smooth Architectural panel provides a smooth flat surface finish. The grooves are spaced 140mm apart. The 5mm deep groove is 13mm wide, with a flat smooth base.

Pack Size: 24

Weight per board: 43.7 kg

Product Code: 108245

Bal Rating: 19

Thickness: 9.5mm