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    Blackbutt flooring.
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Blackbutt timber has an even texture and a generally straight grain, which makes it appealing for interior applications.

Why choose Blackbutt?

- Available in sizes: 80, 85, 108, 130, 180x14/19mm

- Its colour range is predominantly rich honey browns through to lighter creams

- Beautiful distinct grain patterns

- Durable, strong and fire resistant

- Logged in accordance with all Australian forestry standards (eco friendly)

Features of Blackbutt

Blackbutt timber provides exceptional fire resistance. In fact, it is one of only seven hardwood species that the Building Commission of Victoria have deemed suitable for construction in bush fire prone areas (providing its thickness is greater than 18mm).

Like Spotted Gum and Tallowwood, Blackbutt is a long-lasting, hardwearing timber. Absolutely perfect for flooring.