Installing LOSP primed treated pine

Nathan Taplin
Posted in Timber - Nov 28, 2018

LOSP prime pine is a pre-primed timber product. It is finger-jointed and/or laminated for increased dimensional stability and can be used for all above ground applications including pergolas, carports, verandas, handrails, privacy screens. The finger-jointing produces a clear, defect free, straight piece of timber and the lamination allows for larger sizes to be produced which are strong and straight.


Treat all cut ends, notches, check-outs, bolt holes, etc with a site applied supplementary timber preservative and prime all these areas as above. Supplementary preservatives include products such as copper and zinc based (usually with a wax or water repellent additive etc.) products in white spirit or similar. Examples of these products include:- Tanalized “Ecoseal” and “Enseal Clear”.

Supplementary treatments containing water repellents and/or waxes may affect water based primers. Fill any knot or nail holes etc. with wood putty and spot prime. Sand lightly to an even finish once dry. Apply two topcoats of either quality acrylic or solvent based paint to the prepared product. In harsher environments high gloss paints are recommended.