Vintage Style AnchorMark Screw

Nathan Taplin
Posted in Hardware - Mar 20, 2018

This version of Anchormark's engineered, German made screw offers something new for cladding and decking.

The traditional stainless steel screws can stand out against the darker timbers like Ironbark and Spottedgum.

The Vintage screws can blend into the darker timbers so the fixings don't seem so predominate in the overall look.

This is something that hasn't been available previously while still being a stainless steel screw.



The advantages of this screw are:

The timber and decking screws offer a high degree of weather resistance

The self drilling tip makes the installation quick and easy

Small head diameter and underhead pockets ensure that the head can sink cleanly and easily

Grooved shaft adds strength

Timber is protected from tearing or splitting by the drill tip

304 stainless steel.

NEW: Available in standard s/s and a Vintage s/s

Sales Unit: 500 Boxes and 1000 Buckets

Standard Stainless Steel and Vintage Stainless Steel.